UpdatedTuesday June 15, 2021 byTPW Sports Association.

Tracyton Pee Wee Sports Association offers Baseball for ages 5-12.  All baseball teams are established according to the Player’s Pee Wee age on August 31st of the prior year to the current Season.  For the 2021 Baseball Season, the Player's Pee Wee Age on August 31, 2020.

  • Age 4 & 5: T-Ball (Instructional Level)
  • Age 6: Coach Pitch (Instructional Level)
  • Age 7 & 8: D Level
  • Age 9 & 10: C Level
  • Age 11 & 12: B Level

Any player may have the opportunity to play above their age group; however cannot play below it.  We discourage allowing a child to play up and find it is in the best interest of the player to continue in their league level age bracket.  Understandably there are circumstances that bear the exception.  A written request to play up must be submitted to the Registrar and Sport Coordinator’s attention for consideration and approval.  Please note, a player requesting to play up to the next string level may not take a roster spot from a player who meets the age requirements of that level.

TPW Provided Baseball Gear:  Game Day Jersey and Baseball Hat.

Parent Provided Baseball Gear:  White Baseball Pants (Full Length or Below the Knee), Purple Belt, Purple Athletic Socks, Athletic Supporter with Protective Cup, Plastic Molded Cleats and Mitt.  We have minimal Bats and Batting Helmets issued to Coaches for use during practices and games.  Many players prefer to have their own Bat and Batting Helmet.  Gear Bag and/or Batting Gloves are optional.

Baseball practices are held at Bunker Field, Esquire Hills Elementary, Fairview Middle School and Woodlands Elementary.  Teams will have assigned practice locations which will be provided by the Coach along with the practice schedule.  Practices can vary between 2-4 days a week and is dependent on the Coach’s discretion.  Once games start, practice times are likely to reduce or change days depending on the game schedule for the season.

Baseball practice begins the 3rd Monday in March.

Please remember to have your player bring water for hydration. 

As a member of KPAPWA, our games are determined by the Baseball Sports Commission.  The Game Schedule will be listed on KPAPWA's websiteThe Game Schedule will also be communicated by your Coach and/or Team Parent and will be detailed on our website.

Scheduled games will start the 3rd Saturday in April with games scheduled during the week as well as on Saturdays.  The season ends no later than the last day in June with the Championship games for eligible teams.

Dependent on the Coach’s discretion, players are generally scheduled to arrive 30 minutes before game time in full game day uniform.  Please remember to have your player bring plenty of water for hydration.