UpdatedTuesday June 15, 2021 byTPW Sports Association.

In the past, Tracyton Pee Wees has required a Volunteer Bond be paid by all participating families. This bond was established due to the increased need for volunteers without the necessary volunteer help. The bond incentivized volunteering as the bond was returned once hours were completed. Currently, the Association's Board is deliberating to decide whether or not the bond will be lifted. This page will be updated upon the Board's decision. In the meantime, please find below the details of the Volunteer Bond as it currenly stands, along with its requirements and the needed implementation.

What is a Volunteer Bond?
A volunteer bond is a refundable payment levied on Registrants.  This payment is added to the cost of registration and will only be refunded when someone from the family of the registered player fulfills their volunteer obligation.

Why institute a Volunteer Bond?
Tracyton Pee Wees has experienced a steady decline in the number of Volunteers.  As an entirely volunteer-run organization, Tracyton Pee Wee Sports Association relies on the support of our families.  Family involvement plays an important role in sustaining the organization and in maintaining the quality of the experience for our children.  Because volunteers are an essential part of our organization’s success, we require that parents be actively involved with the association and/or with their team.

The refundable Volunteer Bond is designed to encourage families to volunteer to help run Tracyton Pee Wee programs.

How much will the Volunteer Bond be?
The Volunteer Bond will be $50.00 per household per sport season.

What is needed to complete the Volunteer obligation?
A minimum of 2.5 hours of volunteer time within the sport season will be required from each household.

What types of volunteer activities qualify for the volunteer obligation?
There are several opportunities to volunteer. They include:

  • Board Member
  • Head Coach
  • Assistant Coach (2)
  • Team Parent (1)
  • Concessions

When will the Volunteer Bonds be refunded?
Volunteer Bonds will be refunded at the end of the season.  All Bonds which were paid by credit card will be refunded to the same card used for payment.  If the credit card is inactive, a check will be issued.

How will parents fulfill their Volunteer Bond obligations?
Various e-mails will be sent to Tracyton Pee Wee families advertising opportunities to help.  Sign-up per the instructions in the email, show up, sign-in and complete the assigned volunteer task.  Your completed volunteer work bond form is proof that you have completed the volunteer activity.

What happens if I don't complete my Volunteer Bond obligation within the season?
If you do not complete your obligation by the end of the season, you will forfeit your Volunteer Bond.  Volunteer assignments will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis.  Tracyton Pee Wees is not responsible for finding volunteer tasks for parents; parents must take responsibility to sign up for and complete tasks that will meet the volunteer obligation.

What if I am unable to volunteer during the Season?
Understandably there are circumstances which may prevent the possibility to volunteer, in those circumstances a $50.00 volunteer waiver fee is an option for the sport season during the registration process.