UpdatedSaturday January 15, 2022 byTPW Sports Association.

Tracyton Pee Wee Sports Association offers Basketball for Girls and Boys from ages 5-14.  All basketball teams are established according to the player’s Pee Wee age on August 31st.

  • Age 5 & 6: EE Level (Coed, Instructional)
  • Age 7 & 8: E Level
  • Age 9: D Level
  • Age 10: C Level
  • Age 11: B Level
  • Age 12: A Level
  • Age 13 & 14: AA Level

TPW Provided Basketball Gear:  Game Day Uniform (Basketball Jersey and Shorts).

Parent Provided Basketball Gear:  Athletic Shoes, Purple Athletic Socks (Optional) and Water Bottle.

Fully paid Registration and a Uniform Deposit of $50.00 is required for gear issuance.  The Uniform Deposit is payable to Tracyton Pee Wees which is securely held, not cashed, and returned once all issued gear is received after the end of the season.

Basketball practices are held at Cottonwood Elementary, Brownsville Elementary, Esquire Hills Elementary, Pinecrest Elementary, Woodlands Elementary and Fairview Middle School.  Teams will have assigned practice locations which will be provided by the Coach along with the practice schedule.  Practices can vary between 2-4 days a week and is dependent on the Coach’s discretion.  Once games start, practice times are likely to reduce or change days depending on the game schedule for the season. 

Basketball practice generally begins the Monday following Thanksgiving. The Coach will reach out to their team regarding the practice schedule.

Please remember to have your player bring water for hydration.  No food or drink consumption is allowed in the gymnasiums with the exception of water.

As a member of KPAPWA, our games are determined by the Basketball Sports Commission.  The Game Schedule will be listed on KPAPWA's website,  The Game Schedule will also be communicated by your Coach and/or Team Parent and will be detailed on our website.

Scheduled games will start the Tuesday following the Martin Luther King Jr. Federal Holiday with games scheduled during the week.  The season ends no later than the first week of April with the Championship games for eligible teams.

Players are generally scheduled to arrive 30 minutes before game time in full game day uniform.  Please remember to have your player bring plenty of water for hydration.


-MASKS: Universal mask policy. Masks will be required to be worn at all times by both Players, Coaches, Volunteers and Attendees regardless of vaccination status. Without a testing program in place, Players will be required to wear masks during play. Officials following the DOH/CDC guidelines will have an exception. 

-ATTENDANCE: One (1) spectator per Player for games held at Elementary Schools. Two (2) spectators per Player for games held at Middle Schools, High Schools and larger Gymnasiums. Excludes up to three (3) Coaches at EE and E Level, two (2) Coaches at D Level and above. Each team can also have a Game Day Manager, Scorekeeper and Videographer (live stream games) that do not count as a spectator. The Home team can have a clock operator as the Timekeeper that doesn’t count as a spectator.

NOTE: Coaches must have a completed WSP Background Form and Coach’s Pledge turned in to the Basketball Coordinator. If not, they are not cleared to be on the sidelines. Exempt Attendees fulfilling the Volunteer Positions of Game Day Manager, Scorekeeper, Videographer, and Timekeeper (Home only) must be assigned in advance prior to the Game.

-ARRIVAL: Teams should arrive 15 minutes ahead of game time. If a game or practice is in-progress, arriving teams must wait outside or in a designated waiting area.

For this season, our C and D Level teams will have their Home Games at Fairview Middle School instead of Woodlands Elementary.

Strict adherence is required. Failure to fully comply will result in our Organization losing the ability to participate in games. We appreciate your understanding, cooperation and support during these times to ensure our youth Athletes have continued play for the basketball season.

Reminder regarding the General Gym Usage Rules:
Wandering the school hallways is NOT permissible. Do NOT disturb and/or alter any equipment, posters, whiteboards or such in the gymnasium.
Please remember to have your Player bring water for hydration. A labeled spill-proof water bottle is preferred. No food or drink consumption is allowed in the gymnasiums with the exception of water. Players should not share their water with other Players.